I N E Q U A L I T Y // 02-01-16


Why are moths treated worse than butterflies,

And bluebottles are only infatuated by death & what dies,

What if flamingos were regarded as masculine/feminine creatures,

And iguanas no longer felt invisible to naked eyes.


Why are terrapins treated worse than turtles,

And vultures are bedeviled by the thought of what rots,

What if ugly ducklings were deemed as beautiful as white swans,

And wild leopards were commemorated for changing their spots.


What if dark horses were heroic and natural born winners,

And wasps’ temperament weren’t as self destructive as bees,

Why are underdogs discounted before running a race,

And elephants are plagued by insecurities.


In a world that picks apart our imperfections,

In our faults and in our flaws,

That discriminates against our differences,

And abuses us like animals.


We are all beautiful,

And deserve to be loved equally,

Us and organisms alike,

Won’t be punctured by prejudice,

And celebrate peace & diversity.


This world epitomises beauty;

From every footmark to footprint that walks the earth beside you,

Every animal should be equal,

Every man and woman too.


Poem written and published by James Macdonald.

(Copyrighted to James Macdonald)


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