P E R F E C T D A Y // 30-04-16

Beautiful morning;

Sun shimmering high,

As we paint perfect portraits,

Not a cloud in the sky

With pools to bathe in,

Of crystalline blue,

What a magnificent life,

For me & you

Beneath champagne showers,

Confetti will shoot,

In palaces of paradise,

Made for two

Transfixed in the Twilight,

We’ll watch birds take flight,

As dawn turns to dusk,

and day turns to night

Serenaded by silence,

As the world passes by,

A moment of solace,

Between you & I


Mouthfuls of forever,

Sweet whispers say,

Oh, what a feeling:

“A Perfect Day”

In the dark of the hour,

Stars will shine,

Your eyes glisten like diamonds:

Precious adamantine

Memories made,

In essence of time,

Waiting on words,

Hard to define

No camera lens,

Can capture,

The emotion,

Of today:

This is my “I Love You”

“A Perfect day”.

Written and published by James Macdonald


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